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Features to look for in a home security camera in Richmond

August 01, 2022
Security camera outdoors up close

Getting snagged by surveillance is the last thing an invader wants This is a primary reason why security cameras are among the most effective components to include as you design your smart home’s security. Although independent cameras are beneficial when installed correctly, they’re even more helpful when incorporated into your property’s complete system.

Are you wondering what to look for in a home security camera in Richmond? You’ll be pleased to discover these important elements have more features than earlier versions. You are able to see real-time footage from indoor cameras or warn intruders with integrated security features from exterior cameras. Just open your Vivint app or touchscreen smart hub and you can direct all your home security cameras.

Dynamic features add value to home security cameras in Richmond

Loaded with features and easy-to-incorporate security cameras will elevate your home’s protection to a higher level. These essential aspects of your alarm system may come equipped with an impressive range of features including two-way talk, motion detection, and customizable zones. Review all of the possibilities below.

  • Forceful deterrents: Choose a camera that can take action automatically. If odd behavior is found by the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, a clear red ring will form around the camera’s lens and a loud warning will sound.
  • Night vision: Impressive IR night vision functionality provides well-defined footage of your environs no matter the time of day. Your cameras will even sustain their clarity when closing in on details.
  • Cloud storage: Choose surveillance with video storage functionality and the chance to access footage straight from your mobile device app.
  • Mobile app: Today’s surveillance systems in Richmond are typically connected to a handy app on your smartphone. You are able to view live footage or pre-recorded video and even engage or disarm your security. The Vivint App will send an alert to your mobile device whenever a triggered event occurs.
  • Motion detectors: Incorporated motion detection means your cameras will take notice when odd movement is detected. You’ll also be alerted with an update on your mobile device.
  • Converse with delivery people or loved ones: Would you like to check in with your kids when they return from school? Is there a visitor at your main entry? Today’s surveillance systems, such as the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, allow convenient two-way talk so you are able to speak to any person within range of your surveillance device.
  • Greater viewing angles: Generally speaking, your exterior video cameras should give you an angle of 120° or higher. For instance, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro boasts 140° views.
  • Customizable zones: This feature gives you the chance to program the precise part of your property you wish your camera to supervise. This can be helpful to better define the activity you record as you wouldn’t need alerts whenever a car goes by in front of your house.

Configure your own smart home

Now you know what to look for in a home security camera in Richmond. The next step is to design your own robust Vivint smart home. Phone (804) 534-2782 to get started or fill out the following form to contact our home protection and automation experts.